Turangawaewae…where do you feel your most confident?

We all have a place where we have a feeling of inner confidence. A place of belonging which coats us in an amour of courage. You feel brave, strong and are ready to rumble. With that amour on, you can do anything.


It’s funny how as quickly that amour can fall off in moments when we need it the most. We can switch from the lion to the mouse in moments.


A place to stand

Recently I heard Precious Clarke give an empowering workshop at the Courage, Connection and Badarsery event based around the Māori concept of turangawaewae or your place of belonging. Literally translated tūranga (standing place), waewae (feet), it is often translated as ‘a place to stand’. Clarke described turangawaewae as places where we feel connected and empowered. When we are connected and empowered, we have an indestructible inner confidence to move mountains.


Listening to Clarke of Ngati Whatua and Tainui decent speak about her own turangawaewae which is her family marae I thought about where my own “places of belonging is”. What came up for me immediately was the Redwood Forrest in Rotorua. It’s a place for me where I feel at peace, totally energized and confident.


I spent a lot of time in the Redwoods with my immediate family growing up. Mum and Dad used to take my brothers and I there in the weekend to get us out of the house and burn off some energy. I trained a lot on the tracks as an athlete often by myself and at times with lifelong friends. On our wedding day I went there first thing with my sister-in-laws and best friends.  Now days whenever I’m in my hometown I always try to get into the forest, usually now with a pram. My turangawaewae is magically restorative even if it’s just for a quick walk or run.

Happy face….happy place

Where is your turangawaewae?

Precious pointed out that if we know where this place is for us then we can reach out to it when we need it. When we need our amour on, we should go to our Turangawaewae. Whether it’s a looming presentation to a group or being nervous on the start line being able to connect with your place of belonging can certainly help. Using visualisation techniques we can channel this confidence to help us in times of need.


So where is your turangawaewae? Where do you feel most comfortable and connected? I’d encourage you to put some thought into your answers. You never know when you may need to draw upon those good confident feelings in our daily lives to really shine from within.

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2 Responses to Turangawaewae…where do you feel your most confident?

  1. Emily Mason July 25, 2018 at 1:44 am #

    Ahh I feel the same way about the Redwoods! It’s magic in there. You can take the girl outta Rotorua .., 😉

    And now I feel the same way about the bush behind my house. Lovely way to think about things 🙂

    • Sarah Cowley July 29, 2018 at 9:25 pm #

      The bush behind your house on the gram looks so dreaming. Perfect green and blue light for the soul X

      And yip def can’t take the girl outta Vegas!

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