Top 5 life hacks I’m loving right now

We all lead busy lives and we all need a helping hand to get through those busy times and remain sane and healthy. As Poppy is three months now (wow where did that time go?) I’ve really tuned into some quick life hacks to keep me on the straight and narrow….most of the time:)


Life Hack 1.Protein is king

Often when we’re busy we don’t look after our nutrition. As a result our health and energy levels suffer. When we need to be running on full power we’re simply not. I find I reach for sugary carbs in these times to push through but I’m really noticing a difference when I focus more on good protein in meals. For example if toast if your go-to breakfast why not swap out the jam or honey and go for peanut butter? Personal fav for me Pics Peanut Butter to keep me going for longer. Try and include some protein in every meal to keep you satisfied and ready to go. Check out my other nutrition tips here.


Life Hack 2. Move when you can and often

Exercise is a release for many, myself included. Those in the time poor category (yes I’m talking to you) need to find time in an already crowded calendar to get it done. On those hectic days even 1 minute of burpees will be better than nothing! I’ve actually been doing this a lot lately in my living room and you can really get your heart rate up and musclespumping pretty quickly. Best is 29 and I was absolutely stuffed after I did that one evening recently


I know it’s hard to find time but you’re not alone. You will fell better for having exercised and no matter how long you move for you will be a better person for it. Got ten minutes after you read this, pick five bodyweight exercises and do each one ten times on the minute, then repeat through again. Don’t feel you have to run a marathon or spend hours in the gym everyday. It all adds up. Here’s some more ten minute exercise ideas here.

Life Hack 3. Meditate

I’m a huge fan of meditation in terms of keeping me on an even keel. I found meditation as a high jumper trying to control my effort and finding the right balance in mindset to clear big bars. I certainly don’t meditate as regularly as I used to. Hello #mumlife. Lately though I’ve made a real effort to include meditation in my day after my Husband has really gotten into guided meditation through the app Headspace. There are all sorts of cool options to chose from and I would highly recommend downloading it now! Tell ya what it’s getting me through potty training and bed transitioning with Max…just.

Not sponsored just a big fan:) Also a big fan of what my friend Emily Mason of BeMoreYou wrote recently about Mindfulness which is related to meditation – check it out here.

Life Hack 4. Boost vitamin C

There is a whole lot of bugs going around right now and let’s face it you can’t afford to go down too. Yip I feel ya. Make a real effort to boost your vitamin C intake with in-season citrus. Our lemon tree thanks to my Mother in Law is looking amazing and has an abundance of beautiful lemons. I’m squeezing a bit of lemon to water as a nice change up and to get the vitamin C in. I’m also loving gold kiwifruit and having 1 a day.

Life Hack 5. Celebrate the wins

Too often we go through life and particularly winter I think, with our head down simply trying to survive. We forget to look up and realise that it’s the little things that matter. We must celebrate those with our people. Keep thriving Team and take something positive from every situation.


Never forget how far you’ve come. Cheers and here’s to you and your life hacks:)

Poppy 3 months says hi!



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