Keeping away germs and staying healthy this winter

There’s some nasty germs in the air right now affecting a lot of peoples health. Last week they got me good. I generally run a healthy happy ship but unfortunately I couldn’t fend them off and as a result I got totally sick of being sick. I’m sure a lot of you can relate to this status right now!

When I get sick (which touch wood) is very rarely here’s some of my go to’s….some I have taken from friends and family and of course my good old Mum always has a few gems up her sleeve. Whether the effects are placebo or not I don’t really mind. Actually I recon the ‘belief effect’ is a better term than placebo as the brain controls a lot of outcomes in our body. Below has helped me and I want you to be able to fend off any germs this winter. Obviously, a trip to the doctor may be in order but here’s some other tricks….


Vitamix C high dose – I use lypo-spheric vitamin c sachets. Make sure you take this on an empty stomach and mix in with a drink. I also munch on those yummy tablet ones you can get at the supermarket (no point over dosing on these as your body won’t be able to actually absorb the vitamin C so you’ll pee it out!)


Lemon and honey hot drinks – being in season there’s a great supply of lemons at the moment, so find your lemon hook up and get squeezing. Try not to over do the honey part which is full of sugar. The best source of vitamin C is green kiwifruit so don’t shy away from these gems as well.

Bone broth – heres a link to a good recipe. It’s super easy and cheap. I’ve made friends with the local butcher as get my bones and other off cuts from them for cheap.


Viralex Immune Booster – full of olive leaf extract it’s a total win for your immune system. 

Vicks Inhalation –  bit old school but so good. Nothing like a blast of eucalyptus oil and methol to suppress a cough and clear you out. I use an old container that you are going to chuck away. Put a good spoon of Vicks in with boiling water, towel over your head covering the bowl and try to take some deep breaths through your nose.

Packed full of nutrients designed to strengthen your health

Green smoothie – stay tuned for a tasty green smoothie recipe coming soon. It’s great way to start the day to get your body back to health with a nutrient dense smoothie. Dark leafy greens are packed full of vitamins (such as vitamin A, C and K) and minerals (such as iron and calcium) providing you a platform to spring off.


Eat nutrient dense food – think vege overload. It’s easy to have toast for a week to comfort you but you need to pump your immune system with total goodness. Don’t forget a protein source as well and whilst processed packaged food may seem convenient it’s much better if you eat real food.

Sleep and rest. Such a cure when you’re not well. If you can sneak a nap it all adds up and allows your system to recharge and reset. If you would like some sleep hygiene tips click here for my recent blog on how we can improve our sleep.


Stay hydrated – My husband has a saying “the more you pee, the better you’ll be”….not to be taken to extremes but keeping your fluids up is important…enough said!


Getting sick sucks. I hope you stay healthy this winter or get back to health asap with some of these tricks in your toolkit. Stay well and springy!

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