Resolution tips for 2016

The New Year always brings either the excitement or dread of creating resolutions. The things that you always wanted to tick off, the habits you wanted to crush or establish and the chance to start fresh in a new calendar year. As I’m a bit of a goal geek I love making resolutions but at times struggle with getting through my long list by the end of the year. How many times do you make resolutions and come what May (literally) you can’t even remember what you committed to? To be successful at being resolute here’s a few tips.


  1. If you have never climbed a mountain then conquering Mt Everest in one year might be a bit of a stretch. Challenge yourself but make it out of arms reach not out of your worlds reach. You want to extend yourself with your resolutions with an element of realism.


  1. A list of 20 resolutions is hard to stick to if they are all pretty big promises. Set yourself up to succeed and limit the list overload. You are far better to complete one or two resolutions than being overwhelmed by your ambitiousness. If you complete a reduced size list then make more goals/resolutions. I’m a total over commiter so this is something I need to really be conscious of.


  1. Write down your resolutions and put them where you can see them. Seeing what you want to do everyday either having your goals on your fridge, on your bathroom mirror, work computer screen , even as your phone background wall paper or my personal favourite the back of the toilet door is a reminder about what you set out to do in January. The more reminders you get of what you want will create positive encouragement to get after your resolutions.


  1. Have fun along the way. If your resolution requires a few steps to the end goal celebrate the milestones and then get onto taking the next step up. For example, with a weight loss resolution appreciate every kilogram and allow yourself to enjoy the ride. This is something that as an athlete my team encouraged in the later stages of my career. A celebration doesn’t need to be outrageous, it could quite simply be a nice coffee but in your heart you know it’s more than just a caffeine fix.


  1. Persist at being nothing less than awesome .

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