Alice would be proud of the White Rabbit

It was my birthday the other week so I was treated to lunch at The White Rabbit, a new establishment in Auckland City. The White Rabbit is sophisticated yet a cool joint serving health orientated cuisine in a lovely setting. Headed by executive chef Sean Marshall, the team have absolutely nailed it. It’s really nice […]

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Cottage pie cauli styles!

I’ve spent the last couple of days trying a few recipes of late so that I can create some big nutritious and delicious dinners to last a couple of nights. Whilst I have the time, it’s time to bulk up the freezer. Those days when you get home late or just can’t be bothered it’s […]

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Scrambled eggs on smashed broccoli (easy lunch!) with a dash of squeezed lemon


I LOVE eggs☺ It’s actually quite weird because apparently my Mum battled to feed me them when I was a wee tot. I’m not quite sure when my eggolution occurs but I am really glad we fell in love. Eggs are delicious and extremely nutritious. Anything that can grow a bird has got some freaky […]

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