New year and chance to start fresh or build on your best self

Happy New Year! I hope you have seen in 2015 in a way which will set you off for success. It’s always an exciting time saying good bye to another year and starting January fresh. I feel there’s a lot of optimism in the air, buckets of positivity and generally happy people….I luuuuuve it:)


The new year also brings new year resolutions. Spend more time with family, have a family, drop a couple of notches off the belt, run a marathon and the like. As a hard core goal setter hearing peoples resolutions and creating my own lights my fire. I get a weird kick out of people committing to something. I get an even big kick when people have a plan and achieve their resolutions.


I’m totally aware that many resolutions are made around this time that are either forgotten about in February or come July are a distant memory as life gets busy. So I want to provide some help to make sure we all reach December feeling as flamboyant, bouncy and optimistic about the world that we do now….


Resolution tips

1. Avoid the overcommitment. I’m a sucker for overcommitment but I’m becoming more and more aware that signing up to many resolutions will dissolve the quality and may potentially lead to not achieving your goals. So whilst it’s important to dream big I would be wary of more than 3-5 resolutions. Set yourself up for a challenge but also success.


2. Figure out whats stopped you in the past. Scheduling, family commitments, health or finance may have restricted you in the past so you need to be aware of working around these factors. Know what stumps you to be able to get help in whatever area it may be. Prioritise your goal and figure out how much energy you want to put towards it. If you really want to do something you will make it happen, just give yourself a chance.


3. Set up calender reminders through the year. If you have a smart phone or a diary schedule in right now check point dates. Write them on a wall planner and hang it in front of you on your desk at work or on your fridge at home. The more you see your goals the more they will become real. Tell your colleague or family member your resolutions as well. Get them to share there’s and be each others champions. No road to greatness was ever easy or without help.


Enjoy the rest of your break in the sun if you are in the Southern Hemisphere and stay warmth if you are north of the equator. Here’s to an exciting year ahead and may it be all that you want it to be and more!



Pic from paradise at Great Barrier NZ

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