Man on a mission and inspiring those to find their own mission…David Goggins

Humble beginnings to Hero

David Goggins is beyond motivated. This insanely inspiring man makes you realise that the human spirit is stronger than we all think. Grit and determination epitomise Goggins. Raised in poverty and as an African American living twenty minutes from the headquarters of the Klu Klux Klan, Goggins spent his childhood being bullied and harassed because of the colour of his skin.  Constantly called nigger and having the son of the Klan sit behind him in class was not a fun filled childhood. He was abused at home by his violent father and admits he had incredibly low self esteem in his early years and no real desire to do anything with his life.

“When you think you’re done, you’re like 40% into what your body is capable doing” David Goggins


1 minute video of a taste of the inspiring nature of Goggins


Goggin’s life changing moment

His life changed when he saw a video of navy seal training. He had endured suffering all his life so why not try out a different form of suffering? As a Seal he developed real insights into how far he could push himself. He saw what no one has seen in himself – inner strength, physical power and a desire to help others.  To date, he is the only member of the US Armed Forces to complete Navy Seal, US Army Ranger and Airforce tactical air controller training. He went on to do three tours in Iraq and Afganistan.

Navy Seal, prior to joining the Seals and now ultra-marathon runner

Ultra running mission to help

After seeing too many of his friends die in the battlefields Goggins began raising money for fallen soliders kids to go to college. He does this by competing in ultra marathons. His iron strength has raised over $2 million for the Speical Operations Warrior Foundation.

If David Goggins had of listened to his classmates he would never ever achieved unbelievable physical and mental endeavours. The warrior would never have saved lives literally and metaphorically. He believes we’re all stronger than we think we are. He also believes in finding purpose. Goggins found his and now encourages those who’ll listen to find theirs. We can all learn a lot from Goggins and the attitude he has to living everyday with courage and conviction.

“Search your soul, search your mind, search your abilities and you’ll find it. If you’re not looking for it you won’t find it.” David Goggins


For those who want more…30minutes of inspiration


Randomly as well Goggins has the world record for the number of pull ups you can do in 24hrs. He completed 4,030 pull ups in 17 hours. That’s a shitload of pull ups. He failed twice but as always completed his mission.

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