Kung Fu on holiday with a master shaolin monk!

I’ve had a great break following Glasgow mixed with a bit of exploring with loved ones. Following a big campaign I’ve always found for me it’s really important to have some down time and get my chill on. I have done that but staying active is important to me. So time this is a perfect opportunity to do some random stuff I normally wouldn’t be able to do if I was training or in a competition phase. Enter: Kung Fu!!!

A while ago Angus watched a documentary about a Shaolin monk who came to The States to do a Kung Fu demonstration and following the show defected to New York City. Shi Yan Ming was a three times Chinese Shoalin champion which is incredible. He hid in Chinatown in the Big Apple where he still currently lives teaching kung fu at the USA Shoalin Temple. There are some really cool clips about this legend who wants to use kung fu to inspire people from all walks of life to get active and get after ‘it’. He has formed his temple to teach kung fu to the world as NYC is so diverse in its make up. Here is a couple of short clips which give a taste of what this man is about…(worth a watch!)

To be in his presence was inspiring. Shi Yan Ming certainly had an aura about him. A true presence and he was loaded with mana. Having never done any form of martial arts before I was completely out of my comfort zone but it was awesome. The class was mixed ability and everyone was extremely encouraging of my obvious beginner status. I enjoyed learning throughout the session, challenging my body to positions I’m not used to and just getting my warrior monk on. At times I was off balance and unco but I really enjoyed the session kicking, striking and generally just being a ninja!

During the class Shi Yan Ming encouraged ‘more chi’ and ‘fire’. He held court with his presence in a room full of novices (me!) and kung fu warriors. It was interesting to see him teach and he was got quite a following internationally. He added two keen kiwis to that mix a couple of weeks ago:)

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