How to keep on track?

I’ve always been a goal directed kinda kid so sport and in particular an individual sport with an objective nature, provided an excellent pathway for me to do my thing. Motivation when getting after goals is something I’ve felt easy to conjure. But I like you I am human. We make mistakes and we sure do get off track. However I’ve learnt some tricks along the way that have certainly helped remain focused through the struggle….

1. Write your goals down where you can see them on a daily basis

During my 2012 Olympic campaign I had a wall chart when I saw on a daily basis what I needed to do to qualify in the heptathlon the minute I opened my eyes. I had my eyes on the prize constantly and everyday I added to my wall chart the progress. Everywhere I went in the year leading up to London my wall chart came with me. Seeing what I needed to do became achievable, realistic and part of my reason to do the details which in the end made a difference.

2. Break big goals down into little chunks

You need milestones to help you progress to your ultimate goal. By having mini-goals at certain stages throughout your journey it can really help staying motivated and on track. If you are doing Junk Free June you’re at the half way point (wahoo), to get through the next 2 weeks I would suggest having a goal for each week written underneath your overall goal. For example this week a part from my eating plan I am going to exercise four times for 40 minutes. For the final week you could focus on raising money for the Cancer Society by sharing your past month through your social media networks.


My wall chart in 2011/2012 which had a lot of things added to it over the year. This was a constant reminder to keep my eyes on the prize:)

3. Share your goals with others and get your support team on board

If you are doing Junk Free June its important I hope you’ve let your people know what you’re up to. Whatever your goal may be you need support. You need people around you to help you get over the line, pull you up when you reach for the chips or make sure the chips aren’t in the house in the first place! Have you supporters be honest with you on how you’re tracking. It may be hard for them to show some tough love at times but in the end you’ll thank them.

4. Have fun

It’s a give in and a no brainer. It’s really easy when you are so focused on the end result to become tunnel vision in achieving the goal. Positive experiences that are fun are much more enticing for you to return to and go on to bigger things. So for Junk free June I would be trying new recipes, challenging yourself and your workmates to some sugar free bake offs and having a few laughs along the way. Life’s too short to get caught up on the small stuff so make sure whatever your goal is have fun.

5. Celebrate

Another method which has also worked well with me has been a reward on completion of the goal. For an athlete on a strict diet I have to admit most of the times it was food related! However whether its just time for yourself doing something you love is a treat itself. Celebrate the good stuff, let go of the bad stuff and enjoy the ride!


Two weeks to go of Junk Free June team – keep it up and stay on track!!!!!

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