Hello 2016 and thanks 2015….highlights and lessons from the last year

  1. Appreciate Love

We got married this year and it was an absolute blast. To have your special people with you as you commit to your best friend was something else and more of a life highlight than exclusively 2015. Allowing yourself to embrace love and fall in love is a beautiful thing which I would highly recommend.

Bridal party -200

  1. Set your alarm and get up

Following my retirement from athletics last year I started working full time this year. I must say all a bit of a shock when you’re used to having afternoon naps around training. However, I loved working with a team of great people who worked hard and played hard too. Good lessons for me in getting up early and getting shit done.


  1. Embrace opportunity

I’m lucky to go into New Zealand schools and speak about Olympic values and my Olympic journey to schools across our country. This year I’ve loved connecting with many kiwi kids whose minds are free to dream. Seeing a light switch on in their heads about what could be possible for them gives me great joy and something I feel very lucky to have the opportunity to connect with.

The first of many...The Guam Athletes Forum!

I was also lucky to head to Micronesia this year with the IOC Athlete Career Programme. What an amazing experience to be welcomed by the pacific to be part of their country’s athlete forum and be able to connect with my Pacific heritage.


4. Restore your mind and body with what you love

Being active has been such a huge part of my life that I simply can’t neglect it. I’m a better person for having been for a run, lifted weights or done some form of physical activity. One of the highlights of the year for both Gus and I was walking the Queen Charlotte track. I was 23 weeks pregnant and it was so cool to think we were doing the walk as a family. Beautiful scenery in a special part of New Zealand was totally good for the body and soul.


Views from the Queen Charlotte Track – stunning!

  1. Be grateful for life

Our lives changed forever on the 9th December when we welcomed Max into the world. He has been an incredible blessing to our families and we couldn’t be happier with our little man. He’s growing up a storm and getting used to the world. We are truly grateful for him being in our lives. IMG_2735

I hope you can reflect back on 2015 with your own highlights and things you would like to change. I’m looking forward to another big year and you taking your life to exciting places in 2016. Be awesome and happy New Year!


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