Healthy Food Guide Live + tips break exercise inertia

The Healthy Food Guide Live Show was held in Auckland last weekend and it was a real ripper. There was lots of new products for all types of eaters whether it be raw vegan, paleo, gluten free or whatever your hearts desire. I love seeing kiwis creating epic brands. There was some informative expert sessions and some tasty cooking demos from Niki Bezzant and Megan May of Little Bird Unbakery.

Some of my favourite foodie finds over the weekend

Live Stage with Art

I was on the New World Live Stage doing a fitness challenge with Art Green. Art is a great guy and I had heaps of fun with him thanks to Fitbit and our volunteers who helped us whip up a creative omelette. We also had a mad dash around the expo. Whilst Art tried his best rugby tackle on me I managed to get back to the stage ahead of him (kinda helped that I could duck in and out of the crowds easier than Art!).

On the Live Stage with Art    


Team HFG Event

I loved meeting the Team HFG groups both days who had a special function to reward their loyalty to the Healthy Food Guide. I got asked lots of fitness related questions which is nice for our readers to be able to speak directly with you. The most common theme was I know I need to exercise but I just don’t have time to exercise”. It’s something I know a lot of you struggle with, breaking inertia to begin.

Claire Turnball and I having fun at the Team HFG Event


Exercise tips on how to make time to get your daily exercise needs in…..

1) Get up 20mins early and do a home circuit or go for a walk to make a great start to the day.

2) Use your work lunchtime to move. You’ll be surprised how productive your afternoon will be for having had an active lunch hour.

3) If you relax at night by sitting on the couch get your exercise in before you watch your favourite show. Use ad-breaks as a hard out exercise time – think ad-exercise. You don’t have to do all your exercise in one go in the day. You can add up the total physical activity time if you need to do it in bursts. I’m doing this more and more when I find a chunk in the day I use it.


I hope to see you at the next Healthy Food Guide Live show in Christchurch later in the year!


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