Getting comfortable being uncomfortable

We’ve become rather precious in our existence. Phones at our fingertips googling away our worries, online shopping delivered to our doorstep, heat pumps, air con, youtube to guide us through DIY, and you name it you can find it on the internet. We’ve become accustomed to being comfortable. I’m certainly not complaining about the convenience that the comfort provides but does it really help us grow as people?

We need to learn to get better at being uncomfortable. We need to seek out situations in which we will be uncomfortable. Why? Because in that area of uncomfortableness we grow. We grow as people, as teams, as families and as a global citizen.


What do I mean by uncomfortable? Well when you think about exercise for example it can be bloody uncomfortable a lot of the time. There are some strong feelings of what the f was I thinking?!!! Sweating, muscles burning and lungs feeling like death warmed up. Yip it hurts. But through the hurt and uncomfortableness comes growth. In you, for you and achieved by you. By growth with exercise I’m talking about feeling fitter, being stronger and developing resilience to push through your own uncomfortableness.


It’s easy to transfer uncomfortableness into your professional and personal world which relates to your continued growth. You know that little feeling in your stomach that you get when you’re a bit out of your comfort zone, that is your cue to push. For me, when I get this I know I pretty much need to front up, make the most of the opportunity to deal to those feelings and reap the rewards.


At times, yes, we can too uncomfortable, out of our depth and we need to ask for help. For a lot of us it feels uncomfortable to ask for help so that’s an opportunity for you to develop as well.


When I’ve felt the most uncomfortable in my life to date, I’ve had the greatest satisfaction of fulfilment in overcoming those perceived fears. For me those came predominately from sport but off the track as well. For example, when I had to have conversations I didn’t really want to have, when I found myself in unfamiliar settings in New Zealand or overseas or more recently as a new Mum. They all tested my resilience. They tested me. But I saw the test as an opportunity to develop me. Sometimes it’s not always clear but I want to say it’s ok to uncomfortable and to look at those situations with renewed vigor standing up for you.


2018 brings much hope. I encourage you to embrace those moments of uncomfortableness in order for you to realise your full potential this year. I’m really looking forward to spreading some Wednesday Wisdom to you and your people this year. I hope the New Year has got off to a great start for you and here’s to being comfortable being uncomfortable in twenty-eighteen.

Sarah X

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4 Responses to Getting comfortable being uncomfortable

  1. Val Mchale January 31, 2018 at 8:33 am #

    Thank you Sarah I love reading your words of wisdom. This weeks makes me even more determined for next Wednesday work out xx

    • Sarah Cowley February 7, 2018 at 12:39 am #

      You rock VP! Your WW’s so important for you all. Love you X

  2. Dana February 9, 2018 at 6:21 am #

    Such a good read!! I could hear Tom telling me some of the phrases you used whilst I was reading it haha. Xx

    • Sarah Cowley February 21, 2018 at 1:26 am #

      Gus and Old Mate provided suggestions which clearly didn’t make the cut due to expletives! X

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