Christmas Kettle bells

While some women would take offence to their partner buying them kettle bells for Christmas I was pretty stoked! The humble kettle a lump of weight with a convenient handle is a huge help in your own home gym. For me it’s a perfect piece of exercise equipment that I keep on our deck that I can use before or after work with tremendous benefits.

Kettle bell swings have really shot up the ladder in recent times as a go to exercise for those wanting a whole body workout. Certainly Anthony Ferris’s praise of them in his book coupled with Cross Fit lovers kettle bells are a in and they should be here to stay.

There are so many different exercises you can do with them besides the traditional swing (and variations on this!) here’s one I’ve been doing lately….


Kettle Bell burpees

Throughout this sequence it’s really important to maintain really good posture with a strong core and straight back. Be disciplined about this to avoid injury.

Holding a kettle bell in each hand swat down so that they touch the ground. Jump your legs back into a plank position with hands holding the kettle bells. Jump forward so that your feet are back under you. Return to the starting positioning with a jump holding the kettle bells. Repeat.

If this is too much in terms of intensity reduce the weight of the kettle bells. To make it harder in the plank position, do a press up.


Its really important to switch your core on and keep your back in a flat position. To help with this keep your eyes forward and head up slightly


I will give you more kettle bell choices over the next while as I try more out at home. I love the whole body nature of this exercise equipment and the fact I can home it from home is a huge bonus.

Enjoy and remember to win everyday X

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