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Heptathlon training fest down south!

I’m currently in Dunedin for a training camp with my good friend Becky Wardell (aka Geezletron) and my strength coach Angus Ross. It’s great to have a change up in environment from my base at the National Training Centre at Millennium and also train with some other pretty sharp ladies based in Dunedin. My time […]

Continue Reading The link above is to a youtube clip I recently was involved with the ASICS Why I Run? series. It was great to be part of the series with my long-time supporters ASICS. There are other athletes and runners who share their views on why they run? Check it out and feel free to add your […]

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Purple points eater delivers…

Elena and I at Mt Smart after my javelin competition It promised points and she delivered (yes my javelin is a girl) . Thank you! Great to have a personal best throw yesterday by 1.25m at Mt Smart. Lots of foot fouls so run-up practice is on the cards!!!!

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Purple rain…

A while a go I got a real treat…a nemeth javelin!!! I have thrown with this jav a few times in competition and it feels great. I’m in the business of points so I knew this was the one for me. New speer amongst friends (Stu’s javelins) Earlier in the week my purple points eater had it’s first […]

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smashing it up and getting smashed!

Friday marked the completion of my November cycle which was pretty epic!!! As I mentioned earlier it was a big three weeks of eccentric loading in the gym, hurdle drills in weights vests, lots of running and throwing. To finish it off I had a good weights session on Friday morning and then a speed session in the […]

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Multi sporting action alive in Auckland…

Wow what an awesome event yesterday in the beautiful Big Little City…Auckland 🙂 It was fantastic to see watch the ITU triathlon held in downtown Auckland yesterday. It was a pretty tight course with the athletes weaving themselves around the city. The kiwis cleaned up and it was great to see some of the athletes […]

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I can’t quite believe it’s November! The year is speeding away but there is lots of work to do in the remaining days of 2011 🙂 I had a good recovery week ironing out a tired and sore body and getting ready for the next cycle. Tomorrow I start a 4 week block. My main […]

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Stairway to heaven….

Last Saturday marked the final time for me at the stairs at Castor Bay for the year. The next couple of months become more specific we will be spending more time at the track. I love the feeling of being absolutely buggered and pushing yourself to your limits. These stairs do this for me. It’s an […]

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TGIF my friends!!!!

Last night I spoke at the Glenfield College sports awards. There was some outstanding achievements by the students this year and it was great to be able to celebrate with them. All the best to GC for future success on NZ sports fields! I have nearly completed a three week heavy phase of training. It has been […]

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Wow!!!! What a weekend for New Zealand!!!! It came down to 1 point in the end with a valiant effort by the French but in the end it was all that was needed. Such an amazing achievement by our boys in black under the weight of our rugby obsessed nation!!!! I was lucky enough to […]

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