Arizona high jump training camp at the World Athletics Centre #prepareforsuccess

I have just returned home from an amazing training camp in at the World Athletics Centre in Phoenix, Arizona. It was a week of huge learning from a track and field mastermind, training with world class jumpers in the heat and really just a great opportunity to experience their environment. It was the last week at the end of a training cycle so fantastic to be able to work in this hugely valuable experience into my programme.

Dan, Jeremy and Christabel at the World Athletics Centre in Phoenix

I was fortunate to meet Dan Pfaff last year in the lead-in to London when I spent a week with him at Lee Valley in North London. Dan is a special man to me and I am grateful to him for his openness to impart his wisdom and time to help me. Following his Olympic cycle with UK Athletics Dan is now based at the World Athletics Centre where he coaches his athletes and lectures around the world to various groups. It would be awesome to have Dan in NZ one day and when he does come down I have a long standing agreement to take him fly fishing!

Warming up although must admit in the
Arizona heat I got warm pretty fast!
Great group of jumpers to train alongside for the week:)

I was working in with the jumps group in Phoenix which featured two elite male pole vaulters and great guys (6.04m and 5.82m) and two awesome Canadians on their way to greatness (6.75m woman long jumper and 2.19 male high jumper). I loved training with these guys and being able to bounce ideas off them. Thanks so much for making me so welcome guys!

Just two easy flights from NZ it was so much easier to get to Phoenix then Europe and a great opportunity to be in a country I haven’t spent much time in. We found Phoenix to be a very easy city to get around and everyone was super friendly during our stay. If you haven’t used AirBnB for accommodation before I would highly recommend it. We had a great condo which I enjoy much more than hotel living. Bonus was an awesome pool to come to from training in the desert heat!

Angus and I had an awesome time with the @WorldAthleticsC
Thanks so much for having us:)

Aside from training we were fortunate to head to an NFL game the day off the plane. I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to acclimatise in the sun getting some vitamin D action off the plane…only to find that the 70,000 seat capacity stadium was indoor and fully air conditioned! It was a great experience for two sports nuts and the whole atmosphere was electric. We were also there for Halloween which was pretty special as in New Zealand its not such a big occasion. All in all really cool to be in the Arizona sunshine and be doing what I love:) Huge thanks to the EBOS group for helping me get there.

Halloween central in Tempe, Arizona
Great people watching!!!

First Wholefoods experience and certainly wasn’t the last time I entered this store on the trip!
I have a love for healthy eating so I was like a pig in mud….Also loved Sprouts store as well:)

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  1. hjeck November 8, 2013 at 9:46 pm #

    Had a blast training with you Sarah! I know we all got a ton out of training together, and hopefully will see you at the Commonwealth games!

  2. Sarah November 9, 2013 at 11:44 pm #

    Was a blast thanks Jeremy:) You will and until then go hard mate! Hope you’ve had a successful week

  3. jaliil November 11, 2013 at 7:54 am #

    Dan Pfaff is amazing coach i would love to train with him unfortunately I’m not professional athlete yet, in fact i would actually spend money to train with him for a week in Arizona. how did you get the opportunity ? (uk)

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